Dog Drying Mitt


Our branded cotton fibre paw drying mitts have been specially designed to be small enough to carry in your Barking Bag but large enough to dry the paws of any dog whatever their size or breed.

Total size: 17cm x 58cm 
Mitt areas: 17cm x 18cm

With deep hand pockets at either end it's easy to use them to take off the worst of the water and mud too.

If your dog loves walking in all weathers or like ours is a water diviner always looking for puddles, the absorbent mitt is an essential.

Ideal for cleaning paws a little before going into a local pub or cafe and it's always useful for a quick rub down just before getting into the car.

Not only are our dogs mitts more hygienic they are also small enough to throw in the wash and dry quickly in time for the next walk.

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