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About Barking Bags

Our specially designed dog walking bags have a place to store everything you need for your walks without compromising on style.

Currently most of our bags are all handmade in India in a small artisan workshop which we visit regularly.  The bags are unisex and come in a range of water-resistant fabrics and luxury leather.

Best Dog Walking Bags

They are deliberately multifunctional so that you can make them your own and can be easily accessorised to make them personal. Platinum Pet Food and Scrumbles supply us with free samples of dog food and we pop these in bags sold in the UK!

All our bags come with a free roll of compostable poop bags.

Crossbody Dog Walking Bags

So, what makes our bags so special?

A place to store everything incl keys and mobile

Mesh pockets to carry soggy items and the unmentionable stuff once bagged

Easy-access treat pocket for instant rewards

A built-in poo-bag dispenser

Designed to carry on shoulder or belt

Produced in a range of water-resistant fabrics and leather

UK designed and hand made by artisans in Chennai, India

Comes equipped with a roll of poo bags and treats so you are good to go!

Each purchase helps support our featured charities - Dog Aid (UK) and MK SNAP

Our Core Values

Born out of necessity

In 2015 we were new dog owners and we loved getting out and exploring the countryside but didn’t love having to carry around bags of poo until we found a bin.

Together with pockets full of spare bags and dog treats, this inspired a desire for a specialised bag where we could have everything in one place.

We scoured shops and the internet but couldn’t find anything that did the job so we designed our own. Now we carry everything we need in one bag.

There’s space for balls, toys, a pocket for treats, a place for poo bags and a spare lead as well as keys, phone, sun cream or umbrella.

No more pockets full of treats and an end to finding soggy poo bags in the pockets of washed clothes.

Built on ethical principles

Our business reflects our values. We treat the people we work with and their pets with respect.

The bags come with compostable poo bags from Beco pets and Planet Underdog, and pet food samples from either Platinum which contain high-quality proteins made of at least 70% fresh meat or Scrumbles, hypoallergenic foods designed for optimal digestive health perfect for sensitive dogs and puppies.

We often include information about health and wellbeing for your dogs or leaflets from charities we support.

Many of our bags are packaged at MK SNAP - a local charity working with adults with learning difficulties. The learners here get genuine work experience, and we get much needed help.

Embracing new talent

The Barking Bag was designed with help from the School of Fashion at Nottingham Trent University.

The original design was created by Lee Mattocks, his creative flare brought our ideas to life and made sure our multifunctional bag is stylish as well as practical.

Lee Mattocks and The School of Fashion continue to be involved, and we are constantly looking at new ideas.

Ethical trade

Many of our bags are handmade in a small artisan unit in Chennai, India. We meet regularly with the crafts men and women to ensure they benefit from being part of a fair and respectful working environment.

Our products are carefully stitched in a bright airy workshop, and artisan’s ideas on new fabrics and designs are regularly embraced.

We pay the workers a fair price for the bags and ensure a regular stream of work so they have some security.

Establishing an ethical and charitable business

We prioritise events that help humans and animals. You might have seen us at a Doodle Trust event, supporting our local hospice, countryside organisations and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We give modest donations when we can and each year we donate a percentage of our profit to selected charities. At the moment, we work closely with Dog AID.

This wonderful charity assists people with physical disabilities by helping to train their pet dogs to help with day-to-day tasks and provide life-saving interventions. Find out more about their work here https://dogaid.org.uk/

Community matters

We support local business. Whether it is web design, marketing, packaging or other services, we seek out independent businesses and support start-up companies.

A family affair

Barking Bags is a family business. We love meeting our customers so do come and find us if we are at an event near you. You might even meet our dog Maisie who got us into this business in the first place.

And... If things go wrong – a bag fails to turn up, a strap breaks or we forget to pop in a free roll of poo bags, let us know. We want to be the best we can be.

We have some amazingly loyal and delighted customers and they are our very best ambassadors.

We have plans!

We love to hear your ideas. Thanks to you we have new ranges, colours and vegan-friendly bags.

Our next venture is to create a bag that is suitable for wheelchair users who have canine partners, and we already have a new Diddy bag.

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