Adios Compostable Dog Poo Bags - 3 Pack (180 bags)

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The most environment friendly dog poo bags - that don't rip!

Save 15% when you buy this bundle!

This is a bundle that contains 3 boxes of 4 rolls, for a single box click here.

- Each of the 3 boxes contains 4 x rolls of 15 bags (180 bags in total)
- The bags are rainbow colours
100% home compostable & biodegradable
- 10-20% thicker than your average bag
- Will naturally breakdown in 3-6 months
1% of all sales goes to charities helping clean up our Oceans 

Adios Plastic! Say goodbye to plastic & switch to compostable poo bags today.

Made from GM free cornstarch, these bags are certified compostable.

They are still as strong as regular plastic bags, actually stronger in a lot of cases! (10-20% thicker than average plastic poo bags)

The bags are unscented and come in plastic-free packaging.

Adios poo bags are easy to open and tear off of a roll, whilst still being extra thick and leakproof.

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