Responsible Dog Ownership

Swimming can be great fun for your dog when out on  your walk in the countryside or by the sea. It provides exercise and is a lovely way to cool down during hot summer months.

Being a dog owner has its challenges, but most things are easy; providing a nutritious and healthy diet, keeping up with training so they are well behaved and respectful of others and providing time for regular exercise. However, I think we all have to confess that cleaning up after them so that their doggy presence does not involve leaving nasty presents behind for others, isn’t such fun. 

Collecting the little parcels, from this pooing machine is a challenge. Taking out poo bags on walks soon becomes second nature; stuffed in pockets which are already bulging with dog treats, a ball and disinfectant hand gel (don’t ask). However, finding somewhere to dispose of these delightful little bags once they’ve been used is more of an issue. Carrying a bag of poo just doesn’t cut it somehow and takes the edge off the beauty of any country walk. However, seeing the used bags hung on trees like grotesque Christmas decorations or dumped in readiness to be ‘picked up on the way home’, does nothing to endear dogs or their owners to the general public. That’s why we set about designing Barking Bags – a multifunctional dog walking bag which can carry everything you need for your walk.

Barking Bag Blue

Dog mess is a nuisance and unpleasant but can also harbour diseases, including toxocariasis, which is likely to affect young children as they are more likely to play in contaminated soils. Dog waste can also harm sheep, cattle and other dogs if they ingest the stuff.

There are almost 75,000 complaints each year regarding dog mess in scenic spots and with more dogs in the community the problem could become worse. The cost to local councils is high and diverts time and resources away from other local services.

December 24, 2021 — Barking Bags 2.0 Admin