Our dog, like yours, is simply the best dog ever; the most loving, fun inducing, adorable pet on the planet. Unfortunately, she is also a relentless pooing machine. We give her a delicious diet of the very best foods and tasty treats, endless snuggles and games, cuddly and noisy toys and the best seat in the lounge, usually in front of the fire in the winter. In return, we get to feel like we are the very best people in her life, we receive boundless love and energy and oh….. yes at least a couple of seriously disgusting poo parcels each day to collect, carry with us on our walks and then dispose of in the best way we can.

If you follow any social media posts about dogs you’ll soon discover poo is a massively emotive and popular issue, both for dog lovers and people who hate ‘man’s best friend’. Let’s face it dog poo, dog waste, dog shit – whatever you call it - is pretty disgusting. It’s messy and difficult to pick up, especially in the autumn when it is hidden in leaves, smelly, and can spread disease. It’s also the worst thing ever to tread in and does more to alienate dog lovers and responsible dog owners from the rest of the community than anything else.
It’s time to talk poo!!

Do you carry spare poo bags? If you don’t you could be breaking the law.
That’s because, failure to carry multiple poo bags can result in a fine when walking a dog, even if it’s not your own pet? Dog Fouling Act, 2016.

In some parts of the country, you no longer need to be simply spotted failing to pick up the mess, if you are caught without enough poo bags you could be challenged.
It means that if you are out and about without a suitable dog waste bag you may face a fixed penalty notice of up to £100 or a fine of up to £1,000 if a case goes to court.

The advice is to carry at least two bags that can be used to dispose of dog excrement at all times when out with your four-legged friend.
The only exceptions are for people with disabilities and those with restricted sight or mobility.


December 24, 2021 — Barking Bags 2.0 Admin