Canine Partners is a registered charity that transforms the lives of people with physical disabilities by partnering them with assistance dogs.




What do Canine Partners do?

The charity’s amazing dogs bring a greater independence and quality of life to their partners, offering security, companionship, and practical help with everyday household tasks. These life-changing dogs also provide psychological and social benefits including increased independence, confidence, social interaction, and self-esteem. Canine Partners relies on donations and legacies to fund the creation of their life-transforming partnerships.



Want to know more about how Canine Partners amazing work?


To learn more about how the dogs are trained, what they do and the people they help visit their website:


How can you help Canine Partners?


There are many ways you can support the work of Canine Partners. The organisation rely on donations so every pound you raise , and every minute of a volunteers time, will help them to continue transforming the lives of people with physical disabilities.


Fancy becoming a volunteer?


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the charity. There are many ways you can help canine partners by looking after their puppies in training, becoming a speaker, donating your professional skills, or starting a community group.

Find out more on becoming a volunteer here:



June 15, 2022 — Joshua Warner