The Thin Blue Paw Foundation is a national dog welfare charity which protects, celebrates and rehabilitates both serving and retired police dogs from across the United Kingdom. The foundation was founded by a group of individuals who are passionate about improving the health and welfare of serving and retired police dogs.


Many people are unaware that retired police dogs do not receive financial support in their retirement from the force they served with, meaning the responsibility for their care and vet bills fall solely to their ex-handler or new owner. 


Unable to get pet insurance due to their working life, many are left with ongoing vet bills which can amount to thousands. The Thin Blue Paw Foundation provides much needed financial support to over 200 unsung canine heroes and their owners to enable them to have a long and happy retirement.  



The Foundation provides greater protection for serving Police dogs, through influencing law makers and supporting campaigns such as #FinnsLaw and #FinnsLawPart2. In addition, we are the UK’s first charity to explore providing PPE (personal protective equipment) for serving police dogs across the UK, including stab vests, paw protectors, canine first aid kits etc.



Everyday Police Dogs are on the frontline keeping us safe. From finding high risk missing people to catching criminals, they go above and beyond to provide an outstanding service to the communities in which they serve. They risk their lives so we can stay safe. Through the #ThinBuePawAwards we celebrate and shine a light on their incredible achievements both whilst in service and during retirement. 



After retiring from active service, the cost of caring for a retired Police Dog falls solely to their previous handler and/or new owner. It is nearly impossible to find an insurance company to cover any veterinary or rehabilitation treatment for these canine heroes. So, that’s where they step in and provide much needed financial support to help cover the cost of medication, hydrotherapy etc. Our fund is open to all retired Police Dogs within the United Kingdom.

Thin Blue Paw Foundation is a registered charity with the charity commission in England and Wales (1190959).

March 23, 2023 — Robert Angell