Who are they?

Our Special Friends are a charity which provides a vital lifeline for vulnerable people and pet owners. The wonderful organisation focuses on giving those in need practical and emotional support as well as identifying health and social needs that are currently not being met. Through their relationships with affiliate organisations in human health and animal welfare, they try to ensure that these additional needs are met.

What do they do?

Our Special Friends strive to create a better life for their clients by providing animal care and companionship.  Some of the support offered includes:

• Emotional and practical support, delivered using local trained and supported members of the community and affiliate organisations.

• Offering advice on respite care, fostering, rehoming and pre-bereavement planning to help clients make informed and appropriate decisions.

• Researching and identifying appropriate companion animals, monitoring them and providing follow up support.

• Dog walking, either directly via their volunteers or via other affiliate organisations.

• Visiting individuals at home with a volunteer and their dog (this is known as Animal-Assisted Activity).
• Offering accompanied walks via their volunteers either with an existing pet or a visiting pet.

• Looking for ways to support essential pet costs, such as veterinary fees and help to access veterinary care.

As well as assisting client’s with finding pets and caring for them, Our Special Friends also work alongside family members and other organisations to create specific support plans for those who need them.

How can I support Our Special Friends?

Our Special Friends are a charity meaning they rely on the kindness of the public to maintain their amazing services. A key role in their everyday operations is that of their volunteers who work tirelessly to provide support to clients and their pets, and to people who have a love of animals but are not able to have them.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit their website:

The organisation also accepts donations in order to cover emergency vet costs, client and pet transport costs and every day operations costs.

If you would kindly like to donate to the charity visit their donation page here:

October 06, 2022 — Reece Hussain