Luxury Leather Diddy dog walking Bags
Luxury Leather Diddy dog walking Bags

Luxury Leather Diddy dog walking Bags

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The new leather Diddy Bags are made from quality water-resistant leather. These unisex bags are clearly made with dog walkers in mind. The Diddy Bags are simply a smaller version of our standard Barking Bags, making them ideal for shorter walks and for use by joggers.
As with all our bags, they are multifunctional, with a breathable side pocket to hold a water bottle, balls, or soggy toys. There is a handy poo bag dispenser and a large inside pocket for all your essentials. They come with an inner drawstring to close the bag for added security and water resistance.
If you want to use it as a cross-body bag, the strap is both comfortable and extendable. The bag can also be worn on the leather-trimmed belt which comes as standard, allowing you to wear it as a bum bag.
The side clips are to feed your imagination. We use ours to clip a panic alarm and a water bowl, but they can hold toys, treat holders, etc. They aren’t designed for clipping dogs to and could rip if used in this way.

Product size:

Bag Width: 15cm x 10cm (20cm including pockets)

Bag Height: 19cm

All the Diddy Bags come with a free roll of compostable poo bags from Planet Underdog and a voucher code so you can buy and try more of these environmentally friendly poo bags


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