What comes with the bag?

Each bag comes with a free roll of poo bags, a hand sanitizer and some food samples or treats. We might also pop in some leaflets from related charities and advice on keeping your dog safe.

Is there a safe place to store my mobile phone or keys?

Yes, the bags have a discrete zipped pocket on the reverse side which will fit most mobile phones or your keys.

Can I carry my dog waste in the bags?

Once the dog waste is securely tied in a poo bag it can be carried in the mesh pockets of the bags with the extendable pockets until you reach a poo bin. As it sits outside the main bag, it does no damage or hold odours.

Can it be worn as a bum bag?

The Velcro straps at the back of the bag allow you to attach the bags to your own belt so it can be converted into a bum bag. We recommend using a padded walking belt for added comfort.

Can I wear it as a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag?

Barking bags have been designed to wear as a cross-body bag or simply to hang off the shoulder. The strap also doubles up as an emergency ‘get you home’ lead.

Are the bags waterproof?

We can confidently say they are water resistant as they are all made of waterproof fabric (with the exception of the denim bags). It is advisable to treat your leather with a protector or polish, just as you would your shoes.

Is there treat pocket?

There is a treat pocket at the front of the bag marked ‘Treat Me’. It does not hold lots of treats but it is ideal for recall or instant reward as the treats are easily accessible. However, the larger side pockets are ideal when using larger quantities of treats; perfect when doing intensive training.

What is the difference between the standard pocket bag and the extendable pocket bag?

Both pockets will hold most standard size water bottles and toys (they each hold 2 balls) As they are breathable pockets they can hold soggy wet toys, or wet cloth without damaging the bag. The extendable pocket is bigger and has a draw string fastening. It can be used for larger toys or carrying dog waste once it is securely tied in a poo bag until you reach a poo bin. As it sits outside the main bag, it keeps out the odours

Are the bags washable?

The canvas bags (without a leather trim) can easily be washed by hand or in a washing machine. We recommend popping them into a laundry bag or pillowcase before putting them into a machine and adding towels to the wash so the clips don’t bang on the drum. The bags with a leather trim can also be washed this way but the leather will deteriorate over time

What happens if there is a problem with the bag?

We pride ourselves on good customer service and offer a 12-month guarantee. The bags are all hand made so there are occasional issues with them. If you let us know and send a photograph, we will fix the problem or send a replacement.

Is it possible to get the bag sent to someone as a gift ?

If you inform us when you make the purchase we can pop the bag into a gift box and add a personal message.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, you can order a gift voucher through the website for any multiple of £10 ie (£10, £20, £30, £40 £50 etc)

What is the cost of postage and packing?

The standard charge for postage for one bag or more is £4.90. This goes toward the cost of first class signed for delivery. If you add a bag accessory box, poo bags or an alarm when you place an order for a bag no extra charge is made.

Is the order tracked?

We use Royal Mail for the delivery of bags and each is sent by first class, signed for delivery. It means that you can track your items if there is a delay or they fail to reach you

Can we specify if we want the bags to be left somewhere if we are out when they arrive?

We do not have our own distributer, so we use Royal Mail for first class, signed for delivery. Unfortunately, it means that we cannot give them specific instructions about where to leave a bag. If you are not in when the item is delivered, they should leave a note and instructions regarding a new delivery date or collection point

Do you ship outside the UK?

We do not regularly ship our products overseas but if you wish to purchase a bag and live outside the UK, drop us an email and we can arrange to do this for you, though do bear in mind that postage will incur a surcharge.

Are you looking at new designs?

We are always looking at new designs or improvements to our existing designs, so we welcome your comments and suggestions. We currently work with Fashion Design students from Nottingham Trent University to create the designs as part of their course. The best students get a cash prize for their enterprise and they benefit from having valuable work experience.

Do you have a backpack?

We decided not to prioritise creating a backpack as people told us they were not easy to access for treats, toys and poo bags when out with your dog. There are also other small backpacks on the market already. However, we have not discounted the idea of creating a backpack or amending our current design so it could be used in this way

Do you have plans to make a smaller bum bag?

There are already lots of bum bags on the market, so it wasn’t a priority for us to create one. However, we are constantly looking at new designs and it is possible that we might launch a bum bag in the future.

Do you support charities?

Each purchase helps support our featured charities. Our bags are packed by learners in their business workshops at MK SNAP. MK SNAP is a local charity working with adults with learning difficulties. (Take a look at our video for more information). We also support Dog Aid (UK) with promotional work

Would you support our charity?

We try to respond to offers of help from charities whenever we can and prioritise attendance at events that support charities

What is the monthly competition?

We have launched a monthly photography competition and the winner can nominate a charity to receive a free bag which they can use as a giveaway or for an auction or raffle prize.

Do have wholesale prices?

We are not currently geared up to selling to the wholesale market and plans to look into this have been hampered as a result of the Corona virus. This is something we might consider in the future so please feel free to make contact by email so we can keep you posted on developments

Do you sell to independent pet shops?

We are not currently able to offer a competitive wholesale rate but for a minimum order we could offer a price reduction to independent shops, charities or veterinary practices. Contact us by email or phone and we can discuss this further.

Do you offer Vouchers Codes?

We periodically release vouchers and special offers. If you sign up to our mailing list we can inform you of these and also let you know when we are attending local events.

Where are the bags made?

The bags are all hand made in India by skilled artisans. They work in a small workshop with good quality working conditions. We are in regular contact with the manufacturers and visit them annually. We ensure that the workers are paid a fair price for the work they do, and this is reflected in the price of the product.

Packaging and distribution

Barking Bags follows current advice on minimizing the risk of contamination. All the bags are packed in a safe environment. They are delivered by Royal Mail. It is advisable to take care when handling the package in the same way that you would for any other package delivered by mail.


Our bags are handmade in India and as Chennai is currently on lock down our manufacturers are not able to get the bags to us. We still have existing stock, but some lines are no longer available. We are still able to provide a free hand sanitizer while our stocks last.

Attendance at Dog shows and Events

It will not be a surprise to learn that all the events planned for the Summer of 2020 have been postponed or rescheduled. We are in regular communication with event organisers and will regularly update our website (See our Events Calendar) and social media posts with news and updates as they come through.

Our colleagues in India

We are in regular contact with our suppliers in India to ask about their situation and their welfare. They recently wrote to update us saying, ‘ Thank you for thinking about our Indian people,  who are really facing difficult situations to lead their day to day life in this crucial time. Our Government announced subsidy and benefits in the financial sector to all citizens. They (the workers) managed to get their food and things are going smoothly. The latest updates will be posted on Facebook