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What comes with the bag?

Each bag comes with a free roll of poo bags, a hand sanitizer and some food samples or treats. We might also pop in some leaflets from related charities and advice on keeping your dog safe.

What is the difference between the standard pocket bag and the extendable pocket bag?

Both pockets will hold most standard size water bottles and toys (they each hold 2 balls) As they are breathable pockets they can hold soggy wet toys, or wet cloth without damaging the bag. The extendable pocket is bigger and has a draw string fastening. It can be used for larger toys or carrying dog waste once it is securely tied in a poo bag until you reach a poo bin. As it sits outside the main bag, it keeps out the odours.

Are the bags washable?

The canvas bags (without a leather trim) can easily be washed by hand or in a washing machine. We recommend popping them into a laundry bag or pillowcase before putting them into a machine and adding towels to the wash so the clips don’t bang on the drum. The bags with a leather trim can also be washed this way but the leather will deteriorate over time

Is it possible to get the bag sent to someone as a gift?

If you inform us when you make the purchase we can pop the bag into a gift box and add a personal message.

Do you ship outside the UK?

We do not regularly ship our products overseas but if you wish to purchase a bag and live outside the UK, drop us an email and we can arrange to do this for you, though do bear in mind that postage will incur a surcharge.

Do you support charities?

Each purchase helps support our featured charities. Our bags are packed by learners in their business workshops at MK SNAP. MK SNAP is a local charity working with adults with learning difficulties. (Take a look at our video for more information). We also support Dog Aid (UK) with promotional work.

What happens if there is a problem with the bag?

We pride ourselves on good customer service and offer a 12-month guarantee. The bags are all hand made so there are occasional issues with them. If you let us know and send a photograph, we will fix the problem or send a replacement.

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