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 Why are Barking bags so special?

  • They have a place to store everything you need – including your keys and your phone
  • There is an easy access treat pocket – so you can instantly reward the dog before you’ve both forgotten why you wanted to
  • The mesh pockets allow you to carry soggy items without getting the bag wet
  • The metal D clips to feed your imagination. I use mine to clip a panic alarm and a water bowl but they can hold toys, lip balm, keys, etc. They aren’t designed for clipping dogs to and could rip if used in this way.
  • There is a unique built-in poo bag dispenser
  • It is large enough to carry the unmentionable stuff once it has been collected
  • Everything is in one place so you don’t have to spend hours looking for the lead, the poo bags and the balls
  • It has a built-in spare lead
  • It is designed to carry on your shoulder or belt
  • It’s not gender specific so everyone can use it
  • The bags were designed by young fashion students at Nottingham Trent Uni so we are supporting local talent
  • It looks pretty cool